What We Do

Medical Teams Abroad

Stretching across international borders to provide essential medical care in local communities, we offer healthcare services, as well as health education, food and school supplies and clothing in our “host neighborhoods.”  Offering free healthcare to anyone in need, this program has facilitated care for over 3,000 people in the past 6 years.

Blanca’s Kids

At times, our Medical Teams Abroad face cases that are urgent and dire, but cannot be treated locally, as they require more extensive care than can be provided in their local communities.  Through Blanca’s Kids, we are able to provide these children with free airfare, housing and care, while they receive free medical care on Long Island.  Following their treatment here, Blanca’s Kids continues to ensure that they receive the continued medical treatment they require in their own countries.

Junior Volunteers

Offering the unique opportunity to introduce young people from Long Island to medicine, our Junior Volunteer Program allows students to join Blanca’s House on missions, where they volunteer and observe in and out of the operating rooms.