• The cost of a mission includes funding patient surgeries which consists of essential supplies and medications, and anesthesia drugs. We are unable to waive or reduce any mission costs. We encourage those for whom the cost of attending a medical mission presents a financial challenge to fundraise.
  • All team members will pack a carry-on and a personal item to take onboard the plane. Blanca’s House assigns mission team members two pieces of luggage packed with crucial Blanca’s House cargo to be checked in by the airline. In the event a team member is traveling separately from the group, they, too, will be responsible to assist In bringing said cargo.
  • All students and residents are credentialed as support staff.
  • All Blanca’s House staff pay their own expenses just as all team members attending a mission.
  • There is no Blanca’s House stipend given to any team member.


Blanca’s House is not responsible for any change(s) to the location of a medical mission due to the host government’s decision to relocate the site of delivery of medical services based on their review of need.

January 4 – 11, 2020

Loja, Ecuador

Specialties: Plastic Surgery and General Surgery
Total cost of mission to be determined

January 16 – 21, 2020

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Specialties: Dentistry
Total cost of mission: $ 925.00 (AIRFARE NOT INCLUDED)
Cost is for double occupancy and includes tips, emergency evacuation insurance, hotel and meals. Surgery provided to those most in need is made possible by volunteers’ program fees also included in the cost of this mission. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not included in mission cost. Team members departing from other cities will receive an adjusted rate.

March 1 – 7, 2020

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Specialties: General Surgery
The total cost of the mission is to be determined.

April 18 – 25, 2020

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Specialties: Orthopedic Surgery (knee replacements), ENT & Rheumatology Clinic
The total cost of the mission is $2,160.00. This includes round trip air from JFK only, transfers, tips, emergency evacuation insurance, hotel double occupancy and meals. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not included in this mission cost.