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Offering the unique opportunity to introduce young people ages 14 to 18 to medicine, our Junior Volunteer Program allows students to join us on missions. The Junior Volunteer is one of the hardest working members of the Blanca’s House team. Junior Volunteers support the running our hospital operations. They assist in patient intake, triage, data and medical notes input, and have the opportunity to observe in and out of the operating rooms. In addition, the following assistance is part of the responsibilities of a Junior Volunteer:

  • Lifting and moving equipment
  • Transporting patients
  • Escorting patients
  • Maintenance of paperwork
  • Translation (where applicable)

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Blog Spot

Thoughts of a first-time Junior Volunteer (12/31/2018) - The Blanca’s House medical mission to the Dominican Republic in February of 2018 was an enriching and educational experience for me as a younger, non-medical component of that mission. During the mission, I helped with the computer system, registration, and translation. Although I did not participate in any surgeries, the experience was still rewarding when […]
Thoughts of a Junior Volunteer | Dominican Republic 2018 (4/9/2018) - My experience on the Blanca’s house mission in the Dominican Republic was truly eye-opening and rewarding. Interacting with patients, assisting in the operating room, as well as aiding in the intake of patients were all part of my responsibility on this mission. Working closely with the surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals allowed me to […]
Another more Junior Volunteer (10/18/2016) - I have been interested in become a doctor since I have been in sixth grade. Recently I had been having some doubts. This mission reassured me without a doubt that healthcare is my future. Every single volunteer was extremely kind, caring, and always willing to help give myself and the other junior volunteers advice along […]

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