Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

The medical team not only provides care, but also pre-screens candidates and schedules the surgical rotation, provides post-surgery care and training for follow up with local providers. Blanca`s House doctors, surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, CRNAs, OR, pre-op and PACU nurses and surgical techs of varying specialties are recruited to match up with the host country`s particular medical needs at a specific site. Medical practitioners can volunteer for any trip and will be matched for a mission based on their area of expertise as well as where they are needed most while gaining a global health perspective.
Non-medical volunteers provide the foundation for all of our missions. At least half of our volunteers have no medical background and their services are a critical component to the successful operation of our work. As a non-medical volunteer you will work side by side with the medical team throughout the hospital or clinic as well as build relationships with the community. Interacting with the people of our host country is an important part of all short term medical mission trips and allows us to leave a lasting footprint on the community.Some common roles for non-medical volunteers:

  • Hospital/Clinic set up and breakdown
  • Patient registration and intake
  • Patient escort services
  • Translation services

Offering the unique opportunity to introduce young people ages 14 to 18 to medicine, our Junior Volunteer Program allows students to join us on missions. The Junior Volunteer is one of the hardest working members of the Blanca’s House team. Junior Volunteers support the running our hospital operations. They assist in patient intake, triage, data and medical notes input, and have the opportunity to observe in and out of the operating rooms. In addition, the following assistance is part of the responsibilities of a Junior Volunteer:

  • Lifting and moving equipment
  • Transporting patients
  • Escorting patients
  • Maintenance of paperwork
  • Translation (where applicable)

Medical Students and Residents will:

  • Be supervised by practicing Health Care Providers in their specialty.
  • Be exposed to social and cultural issues more intensely than they would ever experience at home. We take care of problems caused by poverty, malnutrition, inadequate immunizations, inadequate health care systems, illiteracy, and inadequate sanitation in a culturally sensitive way.
  • Be exposed to many disease entities that are uncommon in the United States and many that are in more advanced stages than would be expected in a first world country.
  • Practice their clinical and surgical skills

Whether we provide patients with their first dental experience or a returning patient needing additional restorative treatment, we are providing unparalleled dental care for people who would otherwise have limited or no access to a dentist. By providing dental screenings, on-site surgeries, and educational outreach, provides twenty-first century dentistry to the underprivileged living in remote communities throughout Ecuador. All our team members are volunteers, paying for their own travel expenses and donating their time and expertise for every mission.

Blancas House facilitates the logistics of the mission trip as well as, organizes and transports donated dental equipment and supplies to the communities we serve.

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in joining one of Blanca’s House’s missions.  In order to apply for a mission, you must first register with us.

Once your registration is completed and approved by a coordinator, one of the Executive Directors will contact you with next steps. 

DISCLAIMER:Blanca’s House is not responsible for any change(s) to the location of a medical mission due to the host government’s decision to relocate the site of delivery of medical services based on their review of need.


  • The cost of a mission includes funding patient surgeries which consist of essential supplies and medications and anesthesia drugs. We are unable to waive or reduce any mission costs. We encourage those for whom the cost of attending a medical mission presents a financial challenge to fundraise.
  • All team members will pack a carry-on and a personal item to take on-board the plane. Blanca’s House assigns mission team members two pieces of luggage packed with crucial Blanca’s House cargo to be checked in by the airline. In the event a team member is traveling separately from the group, they, too, will be responsible to assist In bringing said cargo.
  • All students and residents are credentialed as support staff.
  • All Blanca’s House staff pay their own expenses just as all team members attending a mission.
  • There is no Blanca’s House stipend given to any team member.

Step 1:

Please complete our registration form. Upon completion, you will be contacted by one of our coordinators. Please do not complete this form at a hospital, university or medical facility due to security firewalls that may prevent the completed form from being received.

Step 2:

 Once you are registered and approved by one of our coordinators, you will be given a username and password. You will need these to apply for a specific mission. Please do not complete this form at a hospital, university or medical facility due to security firewalls that may prevent the completed form from being received.


* Once you have submitted your application along with the partial payment, you may complete a fundraising page. Please notify vsimpson@blancashouse.com when your request is submitted.