End of Year 2017 Update

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Our work in Haiti is in full swing – this year we continue to provide hope and care for the approximate 45 children currently sponsored in the DOCO school in Meyotte. We sent 2 teams in 2017, our operations coordinators have been twice to review and coordinate care, and have a scheduled trip on May 16.

We have provided emergency medical funding for one child needing surgery.

We set up and operated our mobile clinic several times throughout the year – providing care at the DOCO school for the students, families and communities. We have employed (per-diem) two doctors from the Port-au-Prince hospital and one RN to assist during clinic operations. We have provided antibiotics, preventive meds, vitamins, supplements and basic needs for living. During their visit to the clinic, we also provide food and clothing as needed.

We have provided food through our Food Distribution Program for the families of the students of the DOCO school throughout the year.

We have located a rental to use as a permanent location for the medical clinic and are trying to raise the funds for this project through grant submissions and sponsors. We are in talk w Hofstra University to have medical students (4th year) participate in trips to the clinic to provide medical triage, care and work with the employed doctors.

We still need additional sponsors for children – the cost is $33.00 monthly – this allows the child to receive basic medical needs, access to the food program for the family. Some of our sponsors also assist with the school fees required for the children to attend school in this country.


Our team began by making an unassuming trip to Haiti in 2015. We hoped to assist with endeavors already in place and perhaps learn more about the Haitian culture. We soon determined that although it had been five years since the devastating earthquake of 2010, not much progress had been made in helping the many, displaced victims with housing, food, clean water and medical attention. Much of our same team returned a year later with a strong sense of comraderie and passion for the people of Haiti. We knew the needs were too great for us not to get involved in a much larger capacity.

Over the past two years we have developed partnerships with various, reputable organizations that have assisted us in laying the groundwork to begin development of a permanent clinic in Meyotte. Sitting on a steep hill overlooking the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Meyotte has no consistent medical care. The needs are great and with the occurrence of hurricane Matthew this year, many suffered a multitude of injuries from this horrific storm. There continues to be a fierce need for basic and advanced healthcare. Our current priority is the construction of an appropriately appointed, clinical structure that will provide opportunities to care for the healthcare needs of this area. As of now there are no enclosed, structurally safe facilities. Our clinic services will include immunizations, dental exams, healthcare education, wound care and ophthalmologic evaluations. As the clinic grows, our plan is to include surgical services. The fruition of Blanca’s House Haiti is a dream come true for us and for the Haitian people.


Set high on a steep hill, overlooking the arid expanse of Haiti, Meyotte, remains ravaged by years of poverty compounded by the 2010 earthquake and recent hurricanes. You may see children playing in the rutted streets but they are far from care free. They all experience the horrors of day to day poverty compounded by displacement from the natural disasters. Most of these beautiful children live in make shift homes of tarp and sheet metal. Suffering from malnutrition, their concerns are that of easing hunger and thirst for themselves and their families. Most could not even dream of healthcare or education until COTEDIH and the Nuovo Lavi program were established. Nuovo Lavi, meaning New Life, is supported through your sponsorship and imparts not only basic necessities of daily living to the children in the program but also sees to their education and dispenses provisions for the children’s families. It is imperative to this entire community for Nuovo Lavi’s mission to continue and flourish. This can only be done with relief provided from your support. On behalf of Jean Louighins and the COTEDIH mission, we thank you in advance for your continued support to the Haitian children of today and their future in their “nuovo lavi”!