Blanca’s House is not responsible for any change(s) to the location of a medical mission due to the host government’s decision to relocate the site of delivery of medical services based on their review of need.

July 3 – July 7, 2019

Dominican Republic
Specialty: Vascular Surgery
Total cost of mission to be determined

Vascular Surgeon: Ahmad Bhatti, MD (further info www.bhattimd.com)

In the past 10 years, Blanca’s House has completed 53 missions providing a variety of medical specialty services in five countries. These missions included the following: gynecology, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, podiatry dentistry, and rheumatology. (blancashouse.org) – we are now preparing for Mission #54; a Blanca’s House first-of-its-kind vascular surgery mission to the Dominican Republic.

For those with kidney failure requiring life-sustaining dialysis. Without this mission, many will go on to die from catheter related complications such as lack of dialysis access, dysfunctional access, or, suffer poor quality of life from inadequate dialysis. This is all open arterial and venous surgery, typically performed in the arm, that allows life-sustaining dialysis. Dialysis is typically performed three times a week, four hours per session, practically permanently. A machine cleanses the patient’s blood of excess fluid, electrolytes, and toxins that a functional kidney would normally remove, thereby preventing death. In order for dialysis to occur, the patient has to have a functional “fistula,” “shunt,” or “graft.” in their arm, created by a surgeon and maintained long term. The region to be visited has, at last count, approximately 70 people in dire need for such surgery. They are currently using temporary catheters as permanent solutions. A practice which can be deadly, traumatic, result in poor quality dialysis, and/or permanent body damage. The goal is to create arm shunts/fistulas/grafts in them for prolonged safe quality use, to prolong and sustain their lives, and remove their permanent dependence from what were meant to be temporary catheters.

According to the medical staff in the Dominican Republic, approximately 50-70 patients are waiting for our arrival between the ages of 20-60 (average age is about 40). In order to provide as many surgeries in a limited amount of time, two Operating Rooms will be running 12hours/day x 4 days for vascular surgery.

Since this is the first time Blanca’s House is providing these surgeries, the need for monetary donations and relevant equipment is vital for the success of our mission and welfare of our patients. All transactions, whether money of in-kind, are tax deductible. Blanca’s House is a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization;

Tax ID 26-1338765l
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Hospital José Maria Cabral y Báez

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