Volunteer for: April, 2019

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Hello Everyone,

As most of you are aware, I am working towards getting into medical school next year and in doing so I have decided to try to make a difference by using my talents, energy and what I’ve learned throughout my pre-med career to serve others and make a difference.

Through Blanca’s House Mission who has given me the opportunity, I will be joining the General Surgery Team on a week’s trip mission to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Blanca’s House Mission is wonderful! Working with medical personnel, they provide both preventive and urgent healthcare to patients in outlying communities in South and Central America. Blanca’s House offers patients with a variety of medical procedures such as removing cancer from a thyroid, repairing a cleft palate or give them the ability to walk without pain after a total knee replacement, to list a few health screenings and on-site surgeries that are provided. An unparalleled medical and surgical care for people who would otherwise have limited or no access to a doctor.

As a friend and co-worker, I invite you to be part of this experience by kindly making a donation towards this cause. Every donation, whether large or small, will make a difference. I extend my heartfelt appreciation for any support you can give for me to serve and help those who are less fortunate. We can make a difference in their lives. For us it might be something small but to them it means the world; they are given the opportunity of a better quality of life through these surgeries. An opportunity that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Their lives are about to change thanks to the medical and non-medical personnel who embark on such missions.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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