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Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan, and as you probably have discovered, I am going on a medical mission! In March of this year, I will be accompanying a diverse medical and non-medical team to Guayaquil, Ecuador to provide general surgery procedures in a clinic to the city’s inhabitants. This trip is set-up and sponsored by Blanca’s House, a Long Island based non profit who’s outreach has positively served patients located in Latin American countries.

Bringing medicine to these under-served populations doesn’t come without a cost, unfortunately. I am participating in fundraising as an effort to help supply our trip with the necessary supplies to effectively and efficiently deliver the proper medicine these people deserve. Any donation, no matter the amount, helps this wonderful cause in the right direction. I am very excited to participate and share with you all the things I see, learn, and do, as well as the people I am honored to meet.

If you have more interest in the site we’re going to, here’s a general link about the city: https://www.britannica.com/place/Guayaquil

If you have more interest in what this trip means to me, stop me for a conversation or give me a call!

Thank you in advance.
Gracias de antemano

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