The COVID-19 pandemic has the world navigating unprecedented waters. Millions of people are self-quarantined at home and reading more news than usual, but between the news updates, there are stories sharing small ways that people are showing up for another.

If you’re looking for a way to spread hope, there are several ways you can help. There are many organizations directly involved with COVID-19 relief, but emergency response and healthcare organizations aren’t the only nonprofits that need your support. The coronavirus pandemic is causing unusual struggles for everyone and all nonprofit organizations are still working hard to make an impact on their unique missions.

As a small, grassroots non-profit, the decrease in donations has substantially impacted our ability to pay our bills for supplies ordered for the cancelled April orthopedic and rheumatology mission along with the additional storage fees due to these and other unused supplies ordered for future 2020 and 2021 medical missions. Additionally, operational, and administrative expenses are taking a toll on our bank account. It has also been difficult to organize events in our communities.

Please consider these five ways you can offer support to Blanca’s House during these extraordinary times.

  • Donate Money or Supplies
  • Start a Personal Fundraising Page
  • Share a Campaign on Social Media
  • Organize a Virtual Fundraising Event
  • Sign Up to Make a Recurring Donation