On Saturday, July 12th and Sunday, July 13th, Blanca’s House had an amazing group of volunteers working all day in the clinic in Vergeles, Ecuador to pack our supplies for the upcoming mission in September. They were in contact with Galo, Ann Marie ... read more

Jackson Nissen, 16 years old, Commack High School, From Commack NY Impressions of Ecuador The first day I started in the operating room. I went from at first just watching and helping clean up to actually scrubbing in. I’ve always expected surgery to be... read more

PUTTING OUT THE WORD FOR POTENTIAL PATIENTS WHOSE LIVES WE CAN HELP TO IMPROVE… Blanca’s House and El Cielo para los Niños are preparing for all 2015 missions. There’s always so much going on behind the scenes before a team even gets on... read more

It’s pretty amazing what five people can accomplish in a day….one long day.  Arriving in Guayaquil at 4:10am on a semi-scheduled flight, we disembarked on the tarmac and waited for our turn to get on the bus that could only carry 40 people at a time ... read more

We’re done…almost!  It’s pretty amazing what five people plus a few extra can accomplish in 36 hours.  Three Operating Rooms ready to go!  Just waiting for the remaining supplies and equipment to arrive in the morning with the masses. Rat... read more

We met Jennifer today, sitting alone waiting to see the plastic surgeon to be screened. She’s a pretty 24-year-old and born with a cleft lip. Abandoned by her family as a teenager, she married and had two children. Then, her husband left her soon a... read more