Daniel Decker (Junior Volunteer) – This was my first mission with Blanca’s House and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Ever since I was in middle school and I knew I wanted to be in the medical field but I really didn’t know what I wanted to be. Blanca’s house has enabled me to experience an actual hospital environment and see how the operating room and surgeries are performed. The doctors here do an outstanding job of explaining how each operation works and teaching as they perform the surgeries. This has truly assisted me in helping me find the direction in medicine that I want to go and motivate me to keep pursuing my dreams. I cannot thank Blanca’s house enough for not only the learning opportunity but also the chance to help change lives of the unfortunate and meet some really awesome people. I’m ready for mission two.


Kieran McGinley (Junior Volunteer) -This was my first mission with Blanca´s House and it has been the best time of my life. My father and both of my brothers have already been on a trip with Blanca´s House. I do not know if I want to become a doctor but this was a great experience. I got to see and learn a lot of new things. Carla is the best, and I met Jesus.


Connor McGinley (Junior Volunteer) – This is my second mission with Blanca’s House and I got to say it only gets better.  After the first successful mission I wanted to get back to Ecuador on another mission as soon as possible. I have had a great time on this mission and enjoy the new hospital.  I have had some great new experiences on this trip including scrubbing in on a hernia and working with Bridget on anesthesia.  I got to again work with Carla the best nurse in the world after meeting her on my last mission.  This mission gives you opportunities that you cannot get anywhere else, it also helps me explore my interests in the medical field with hands on work.  I am very thankful to be able to go on these missions and help people that couldn’t be helped without the help of Blanca’s House.


Haley Merchant (JV)- This is my first mission with Blanca’s House and it has been the most amazing experience yet. My mom, Toni McGinley, is a Physical Therapist and after coming back from her first mission she came home so excited for the next one that I couldn’t wait to go myself. I mostly helped out the in the PT area, and every patient I’ve met was so incredible in their spirit. It was so inspiring to watch them eagerly walk around right after knee surgery and work to get better as fast as possible. I was able to scrub in on a total knee surgery and see up close how they repaired the knee and went through the surgery. It was so amazing to watch, and I’m so glad I was able to get this special opportunity. Everything about this trip was inspiring and SO much fun.