Well…all good intentions of two groups of setup team members trying to meet up in Guayaquil and get an early start on the day were squashed by two different airlines.  But the resulting hustle and bustle at the clinic made up for much of the lost time.  Fifty or so people already waiting “patient”-ly outside in the heat and humidity remind us why we’re here.

The new year is starting off with a few new mission firsts.  After landing really early in the morning (which really isn’t new), adrenaline is pumping and we’re not only unpacking,  locating, organizing, distributing, and screening, but cataract surgeries are starting.

While our potential patients are calm, cool, and collected, the team is organizing as quickly as they can.  Reading glasses are being dispensed as fast a patients say, “Perfecto!” along with a big smile on their faces.

Smiles along with thankful words can also be seen and heard as surgery patients are discharged. Hasta manana a las tres.  Adrenaline is dissipating and the team is ready to head back to a warm bed and a soft pillow and excited to do it all over again tomorrow.