Volunteer for: Santiago, Dominican Republic

Please support us because:

Let me start off by telling you a little something about myself. My name is Kaitlyn Interlandi. I am a Registered Nurse at Good Samaritan Medical Center where I work in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in a Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic. I will be traveling with organization Blanca's House ,we will be providing care for patients in need of orthopedic and ophthalmology procedures. Sometimes we take for granted the type of healthcare we receive in the USA. In many 3rd world countries, these people do not have access to the type of health care technology and procedures that are easily accessible here. Please help me by donating to my cause to travel to the Dominican Republic with Blanca’s house, a non profit organizational team of healthcare providers , to provide quality health care to underprivileged communities. Traveling to the Dominican Republic with this team and making a difference in people’s lives would be a very rewarding experience. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!